‘your horse matters'

“YOUR HORSE MATTERS” –  If you require long haul transport for your horse either on the Eastern seaboard or between the West and East coast, Combined Horse Transport has been operating since 1983 & will transport it there with the utmost of ease and comfort as well as provide a stress free experience for you. Make the right decisions in choosing the right company to entrust your equine friend knowing your choice is vital to horse health and performance. Horse welfare and safety remains our number #1 priority closely followed by a reliable and informative experience for our owners in their quest for equine transport excellence.



  • 2 experienced & professional horse people to take care of your horse for its entire journey
  • Download our app & watch where your horse is and how it gets there
  • Our Mega Ark fleet is fitted with electronic fans capable of moving all the air within the truck and replacing it with fresh air every 3 minutes
  • Every horse has its own stainless steel feed & water bin which is refreshed every 4-5 hours
  • Our transit horses are rested at professional spelling stations all with 24/7 supervision and professional help close by should it be needed.
  • Direct routes guaranteed – Learn more about the CHT logistics solution here
  • The Mega Ark fleet is fitted with anti hip and tail rub throughout. Check this and other features of the Mega Arks.
  • Servicing the equine industry throughout Australia and across the world Since 1983
  • CHT is a little big company giving personal attention and care to your valued horse in transit by keeping the ratio of horses per driver to a maximum of 7
  • We at CHT are all experienced horse people and most are still actively involved in some form of equestrianism of which many have or are currently at an elite level. This means that from the time you contact CHT through the booking and admin process, operations on the road to handover at the end of the journey you and your horse will have been taken care of by these experienced professional horse people.


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If you have any queries or questions don’t hesitate to email us at
bookings@cht.au or phone in business hours on 08 9497 7177.

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