‘your horse matters'

The CHT Logistics Solution

We have developed a logistics solution unlike any others to provide the opportunity for your horse to step off at his destination in the same condition he boarded one of our “Mega Arks”. The solution ensures your horse takes the most direct route, is in transit for the least possible time and importantly includes comfortable rest periods at our strategicaly placed stables.

To keep your horse’s time on the road to a minimum we use local carriers to assemble them at our closest stables to avoid “milk runs” therefore reducing the travel time between A & B and the same process is used to deliver horses at the end of their journey. These stables, operated by very experienced and passionate horse people, are also used for extended rests so not only can the horses relax but we are also able to monitor them closely ensureing they are fit and well to continue their journey. We consider the regular stable rests are an integral part of the system.

To make the system totally transparent the Mega Ark Fleet is fitted with GPS tracking and fleet management systems making CHT the only horse transport company offering a completely transparent transport solution. What this means is that we are able to provide you with a ‘real time’ satellite report of exactly what time your horse got on a Mega Ark, where it is at any given time, the exact route it has taken with times and speeds at which it has travelled, who was driving, where and for how long it has rested en-route and what time it has arrived at its destination.

With these strategies combined with state of the art equipment and passionate horse people, both in administration and on the ground, we believe your horse couldn’t be in better hands.

Your horse matters!