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Travelling Checklist For Your Horse

Facts and Information on what NOT to do.

  • Do not forget to take your horse off high protein food a few days prior to travel. Feed them plenty of bulk.
  • Do not travel your horse too soon after a hard race or competition or any other stress inducing activities or illness.
  • Do not forget to advise us of any recent ailments your horse may have had or bad travel habits that you are aware of.
  • Do not use tail guards or leg wraps for long haul travel … do not use salines, tranquillisers, sedatives or other medication without advising us first.
  • Do not forget to advise us if your horse is large and may require extra space.
  • Do not have your horses hooves trimmed close to travel or shoes removed if your horse is normally shod.
  • Do not forget to keep a close eye on your horse for a few days after travel to be sure no signs of travel sickness are evident.


As specialists with over 30 years experience in long haul travel we do not accept horses to be transported short distances so as not to delay horses travelling long distances before arriving at their destinations. Likewise we do not do ‘milk’ runs to collect horses and insist horses are moved early (preferably a day prior to our collection) by a local carrier to one of our strategically place stables to avoid delays en-route to horses already in transit.

We are very proud of how our horses arrive at each and every destination and through constant research and improvement only 1 in 300 horses we move show any signs or symptoms of travel sickness.

Our 100% occupancy is testimony to our reputation and requires early bookings to avoid disappointment. We do not run to a set schedule and tailor our departures to endeavour to meet everyone’s (including your horses) needs.