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Travel times between States

A typical trip for a horse from Sydney to Perth would commence from our Sydney stables in Warwick farm where the horse would have been delivered by the owner or a local carrier, for the 10 hour journey to our Melbourne stables. After a 24 – 48 hour rest at our own farm in Melbourne the horse will commence the 9 hour trip direct to our Adelaide stables where he will be rested for 12 hours. During this rest he will be inspected by a vet who will confirm he is fit and well before the trip across the Nullabour as well as administering his Liver Fluke drench and collection of a faecal sample which is sent to the Gov’t Laboratory for testing prior to entry into WA. The next leg to Kalgoorlie takes 24hours where they will again be rested for 12 hours and inspected by the Department of Agriculture before the final 6 hour leg to Perth.

The Mega Ark Trailers are equipped with stainless steel feed and water bins which are refreshed every 4-5 hours whilst the drivers physically check each horse.

Travel Time Rest Time

Syd – Mel      10h       Mel          24h    At our own Farm in Central Vic – Supervised by Wayne himself.
Mel – Adel      9h        Adel         12h
Adel – Kal       24h      Kal            12h
Kal – Per         6h

Total                49h           48h = 4 days

Mel – Per         39h            24h = 2.6 days
Adel – Per        30h           12h = 1.75 days