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Confederation of Australian Sport

Each year the Confederation of Australian Sport calls for nominations for their annual Fellowship Awards. Since 1984 the awards have provided a vehicle for the Confederation and its members to recognise significant long-term contributions to sport by individuals and sponsors.

There are four Award Categories, all for service to the Confederation, or any or several of its members (i.e. the EFA). The Corporate Award of Distinction, of which only two are awarded each year, Australia wide, is one of the four Awards available.

In June 1999, the EFA (WA) submitted a nomination to the Confederation for Combined Horse Transport International to be considered for one of the two Corporate Awards of Distinction. We are very proud to announce that the nomination was successful, and Combined Horse Transport and Mr Wayne Kiely have been recognised and honoured for their contribution to equestrian sport.

Combined, based at Wungong in Western Australia, have been a major sponsor of the EFA (WA) and it’s riders for 11 years, and have provided horse transport to the value of well over $600,000 in that time. This is an extraordinary level of sponsorship for a small family Company which operates with extremely high overheads.

Making the receipt of this Award even more significant is the fact that on the 12th September this year the offices of Combined Horse Transport were burned down, with Wayne and the Company losing all of its records, documentation, equipment and a major collection of personal items and memorabilia. Combined has continued with the same level of service, despite this tragedy, and intend to rebuild without interruption to the business.

Wayne Kiely, Managing Director of Combined emphasises that the thrust of their sponsorship program is aimed at the young, as it sees these combinations as being vital for the future of WA’s Equestrian Sport. Combined operates a National Road Transport Service, and an International Air and Sea Service for Equine Import and Export of horses.
Congratulations to Combined Horse Transport International and Wayne Kiely. The Corporate Award of Distinction is one way the EFA (WA) can thank Combined for the massive contribution they make to Equestrian.