‘your horse matters'

Allocation of space

At CHT we believe one of the most singular benefits to ensure your horse travels well is the suitable allocation of space for the specific size of your horse. This calculation is a combination is based on of the size of your horse and the distance to be travelled and is best decided by speaking with a member of our CHT staff. It has been proven beyond doubt that a horse given sufficient space will walk off the other end in far better condition than the horse cramped for room. Older brood mares who are mostly pregnant and have been living in the paddock for the major part of their recent life will also travel better without confinement so we therefore recommend a bay and a half.

A Mega Stall for mares & Foals

After extensive trials and many years of experience in transporting mares with a foal at foot, we now insist that all mares travelling with foals have a full three bays to allow the foal to lie and suckle without fear of injury from her mother or another horse. The positive feedback from Studmasters and mare owners receiving mares and foals after a long journey with us is testimony that investing in the extra space bears a direct benefit to both your mare and foals future.