Introducing Barengarra – CHT Victorian Headquarters

Welfare of horses is paramount on 250 acres (101.17 hectares) of lush pastureland in the highlands of Central Victoria. This is Barengarra on the Springhill/Kyneton Road, headquarters of Combined Horse Transport (CHT) owned and operated by former equestrian and trainer Wayne Kiely.

Wayne bought Barengarra at the end of 2010, after returning from three years training horses in Germany.  “This seemed the perfect place to headquarter CHT,” Wayne said

 “Geographically, it was selected as being central to the route between Adelaide and Sydney and with its close proximity to Tullamarine and the new quarantine station on Mickleham Road, I couldn’t have located at a better spot for the transport and most importantly the welfare of travelling horses.”

Barengarra has water in abundance, with several crystal clear dams fed by natural springs, amazing old gum trees and Cyprus tree lined paddocks providing maximum shade and shelter. Ample rainfall and cool summers result in lush and well-established pasture.

The property has been developed using top quality “horse rail” fencing (the safest fencing for horses with small currents of electricity running top and bottom) and purpose-built stabling for overnight equine guests

Stables are fitted with rubber floors and complemented with rubber-lined, covered yards and Barengarra also provides safe paddocking to allow traveling horses to ‘run a bit of energy off’

Barengarra is a purpose-built, spelling facility for horses in transit and the perfect environment for a staggered journey for broodmares visiting shuttle stallions and returning home with their foals. Agistment facilities are on the drawing board.

There is also an outdoor arena for interstate competitors, to stable and work their horses leading up to major competitions.

The Barengarra facilities include a comfortable rest area for drivers, equipped with kitchen, lounge area and separate toilet and shower.

“After developing CHT’s Mega Ark fleet, I felt it was important to improve the welfare of horses, on short and long hauls and to establish our presence on the strategic East Coast,” Wayne said.

“To make sure that horses are best equipped for travel, a hands on approach, with our own spelling farm, is the way to go.

“At Barengarra all that is possible, we supervise the care and monitor our equine client’s health, control the feeding regime and provide a first class facility to transit horses, while also ensuring our drivers are rested and ready for the long haul.”