Thank You

Hi NQHT and CHT,


I’d like to thank you all, along with Skinner’s Transport, for the safe arrival in WA of the Majestic yearlings from QLD this week.

You were very patient and helpful during the initial planning, with all my emails and long phone calls. It was reassuring to have everything fully explained, and given so much of your time, including updates during the trip.

You both must have done a wonderful job of the actual transporting, as the horses arrived looking fantastic. Barely lost any weight over the two and a half week journey. No rub marks or grazes, friendly natures intact, and straight into the food and water. No signs of travel sickness so far. My horse Picante took only 18 hours to sleep off the trip before he was up and getting into everything.

I will certainly recommend your services to anyone purchasing a horse interstate,

Kind regards,

Jodie Hayton.